Cloud-based POS & restaurant management system.

Kloudchef has everything that you need to manage and grow your restaurant business. It is a simple, secured, scalable, and extremely intuitive multilingual (English/Arabic) cloud-based software solution for your business that you can see today in the marketplace.

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What we provide

We manage end to end process automation of a restaurant from the inventory to guest self-ordering using the digital menu or the online customer order that is all well integrated with a POS system.


Online/Mobile Ordering

Customers are able to make online orders using their mobile or pc. All they have to do is to create, a login credential, which takes only a few seconds.


Table side ordering

Our tableside ordering system is designed to help service staff to fulfil orders faster and more accurately, upselling high-margin menu items.


Loyalty program

Kloudchef is capable to creating and customize appealing loyalty program to sustain and attract more customers to your business


Intuitive and integrated POS

  • Kloudchef POS is built with an extremely intuitive UI and it is well integrated with components that matter to your restaurant business
  • The clean user interface is immediately understood and easy to operate. which also works on offline mode, if there are network disruptions
  • Guest self-orders, online order, tableside orders, food aggregator orders all are well integrated with the POS
inventory management

Inventory Management

Our restaurant inventory tracking software helps you to maintain stock levels with minimal waste. By tapping into real-time forecasting data, it suggests order quantities at the optimal time. It also shows what you should have on the shelf, helping you identify and prevent over-portioning, loss, theft, and waste

  • Vendors and suppliers integration
  • Analyzing of pricing trends in market
  • create menu models
employee management

Employee Management

With our employee management system, you can schedule your employees shift timings, with a click of a button and easily edit if needed. You can send these schedules to your employees via email so that they can easily keep track of their previous and future shifts.

  • User roles and permissions
  • Assigning access permissions to your employees
  • control the permissible and non-permissible activities


Our analytics or dashboard tools enable you to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time and on the go.

You can visualize and analyze data and focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from across the organization on a dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making

With our dashboard, you are no longer wasting valuable time generating reports from multiple systems. Instead, data is drawn from a centralised source and displayed as an easy to interpret visual overview.

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